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James Archibald Howell, born March 20, 1851, was William Howell's third youngest brother.  He and Howell's youngest brother Mark Anthony Howell ran their father's farm and dairy business in Goshen, New York.  Around 1903, he and his wife Caroline Marks Howell moved to New York City and James became the president of Howell Condensed Milk and Cream Company in Jersey City, New Jersey.  He sold his business to Borden Milk in 1916 and traveled the country lecturing on the process of condensing milk.

In 1921, while passing the Trinity Church on lower Broadway, he had a sudden heart attack and died within the church.  Police could only identify him by a few papers he had inside his pocket.  About a month later it was discovered he lead a double life, as explained by the New York Times article from November 22, 1921 below.